Everything you need to Know about Axe Throwing as a Beginner

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Axe throwing is thought to have originated with the Vikings, who would use the weapon to decapitate their enemies in battle. The practice eventually spread to other parts of Europe, and by the Middle Ages, axe throwing had become a popular pastime. Today, axe throwing is enjoyed by people of all ages, and can be found in many bars and recreational facilities.

If you've never tried axe throwing before, you're in for a real treat. It's a lot of fun and a great way to let off some steam. Not to mention, it's also a very challenging activity that takes a lot of skill. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Practice your throwing technique in a safe environment before venturing into a competitive match.
  2. Stay extremely calm and focus on your target.
  3. Use a consistent throwing style to increase your accuracy.
  4. Be patient and take your time when lining up your throw.
  5. Remember to always wear safety gear when throwing axes.

Axe throwing can be a great way to spend an afternoon with friends, or even to compete in tournaments. So what are you waiting for? Pick up an axe and give it a try!

 No that you know the basics of axe throwing, it's time to give it a try. Head to your nearest bar or recreational facility and see how you do. Remember to always wear safety gear when throwing axes, and be patient when lining up your throw. Have fun and good luck!

All of the experts who are into the axe throwing know the fact that there is no real specific rule of exactly how to throw the axe. But there are certain strategies, tips and tricks which you would need to implement the next time you go to an axe throwing arena or fun center. Most axe throwing centers have instructors that will give some quick training and hindsight about the right way or wrong way of holding a throwing the axe. It can be difficult to make it stick to the target but if it is striking the board and sticking, you are halfway there to becoming an expert. It can take some and a good amount of work to perfect the perfect throw. Usually however, most novices can get it to the point where their throws can yield relatively high accuracy in just a small to moderate amount of practice.

Here are a few of the basic tips/strategies to follow when going axe throwing as the beginner.

Have a look below:

What Axe Should I Use?

As a beginner, you should always start with sharper axe. The sharper it is the better chance you have of the axe sticking to the wooden target.

You cannot easily find axes from the local hardware stores as their axes are generally a bit duller as they are designed to simply split wood. A sharp axe with a shorter handle also has a better chance to hit the target and stick.

Target Design of Axe Throwing

Now that you have a sharp axe, you are now in need of an axe throwing target. You can look online for a starter kits or target templates for axe throwing most of which include stencils and markers for drawing the target lines. The targets are generally made out of the five vertical 2"x10" wooden planks which are arranged next to one another.

When the target in its place, no matter whether it is on the wall, target stand or the combination of any of the two, you can use the stencil and some markers to create your target outline.

Safety during Axe Throwing

When you are axe throwing, safety should be a big concern and you should take the steps to be very careful. Make sure that there is no one which is coming in between the target. There has to be at least six foot radius just around you and should be clear from the people who should not be coming in between the target and board.

In case you are throwing with a partner and at the venue, you should be throwing the axes all together at the same time and you should also retrieve the axes together at the same time.

Axe Throwing Stance

After you have ensured that the area is all clear, you should be taking one of the stances out of the two. If you are throwing the axes with two hands, make sure that it is lined up directly with maximum bullseye of about 12 feet away from the main target. Distance should be adjusted on the basis of the axe rotation.

Axe throwing is a fun and recreational sport that has become very popular in recent years!

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